Poster Designs- Body Butter

The D&AD brief has asked for four posters (see post: Body Shop Products for D&AD Brief task 1), for four of it’s products. So we’ve researched into each product by reading reviews, going off of our own opinions (as we’re in the target audience) and reading the online descriptions from the company.

For the Body Butter I have come up with the following drafts for adverts (please note that images are subjected to copyrights and have only been used for illustrative purposes):
Body Butter Advert Idea 1

Body Butter Advert Idea 2

Body Butter Advert Idea 2a

Body Butter Advert Idea 2b

Body Butter Advert Idea 3

Body Butter Advert Idea 3a

These adverts have been generated from a series of slogans I came up with, which are as follows:
1. Butter up/Butter me up/Butter you up.
2. Feast on this: the butter that doesn’t make you fat.
3. Feast on this: creamy, buttery deliciousness
4. I’m creamy deliciousness: But don’t eat me.
5. I’m super-rich, and a super-saver: save the world with The Body Shop
6. I’m fruity, I’m nutty, I’m buttery, I’m yummy
7. Flavours to suit every body/flavours for every body
8. Do your bit: Butter up
9. Velvet Birthday Suit
10. Care for your birthday suit
11. You can’t beat real butter.

I’ve approached the ideas from a cheekier tone of voice than is usual for The Body Shop to appeal to a younger audience of 18-35 year olds. The aim of the adverts is to capture attention by more positive emotive approaches.


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