Poster Designs – Drops of Youth

For the Drops of Youth product I have come up with the following drafts for adverts (please note that images are subjected to copyrights and have only been used for illustrative purposes):

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 1

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 2

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 2a

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 3

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 4

These adverts have been generated from a series of slogans I came up with, which are as follows:
1. Look! We’ve found the fountain of youth.
2. The Fountain of Youth: not the stuff of myth.
3. Is there truth behind every myth
4. We bottled the fountain: drops of youth
5. Your face: immortalised
6. Your face but immortalised
7. Timeless, classic care
8. You as a timeless beauty
9. A drop of energy
10. Want to find the fountain of youth? don’t worry we found it for you
11. The stuff of legend
12. Straight from the fountain
13. Pre-treat yourself
14. Algae regenerates, so why can’t you?
15. Each skin is different
16. you’ll wish your waistline was as tight as your face
17. Smooth into a smile
18. Save your face, then save the world
19. Save face, save livelihoods.

The slogans 13 – 17 were generated from reading online reviews of the product. There were a few negative reviews which picked up on the fact that the product contains alcohol known as a drying agent in many cosmetic products, it was mentioned by one blogger that the serum made a good pre-treatment as the product felt taught on the skin.


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