Poster Ideas – Colour Crush Lipstick

The colour crush lipsticks are described by the body shop as a “pop of colour”, “rose-scented” and “helps 1,750 women to earn fair income in Namibia”.

I brain-stormed several slogans for ideas for the poster designs which were:
1. Oh. Your lips are roses.
2. Forget rosy cheeks.
3. Give independence with only your lips.
4. Use your lips, not your voice.
5. Speak out with your lips.
6. POP; Protect other people.
7. Pout for independence.
8. A kiss to independence.
9. A kiss for independence.
10. We love to POP; protect other people.
11. Stamp your mark. (This idea would invite customers to test a lipstick and ‘sign’ a petition with a lipstick mark ie. kiss a bit of paper.)
12. POP, Pout, Perfume.
13. Pop, Pout, Protect; we help 1750 women earn a fair wage.
14. (No slogan) a poster with 1,750 lipstick kisses representing the women earning fair income. with a rose petal logo design.


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