Social Media Campaign Poster – Final

This was the final design for the social media campaign which was submitted to the D&AD brief:


Although bipolar disorder is usually associated with mood swings from one end of a spectrum to another, I believe that this poster could be stronger and could support a difference in variance ie. not just sad and happy. The poster feels fairly basic and I feel that it doesn’t represent such a diverse range of mental health issues. The idea presented in the post ‘Social Media Campaign Ideas’, I felt was stronger as it showed a wider representation, although not necessarily being quite as straightforward as the idea submitted. However, collectively the group decided to run with the idea of the ‘split’ face as it was a clearer message and on the basis that everyone can feel like this.

Driving People into Store

We had a number of ideas to drive people into store. The two shortlisted ideas were:
1. Promoting make-overs in store to have your make-up done for a night out on the town, customers can then share ‘selfies’ of themselves on twitter with the hash tag #thebodyshop
2. Promote in store make-overs by using super-hero props, such as a wonder woman head band and cape, and then upload ‘selfies’ to the Body Shop’s twitter page with the hash tag #savetheworld. The uploaded images will then appear on digital billboards in the shopping centres local to the store.

This is our final written up version of idea 2. which we felt fitted the brief and also the posters we were producing for the four products:

Driving people in store