When you look on twitter it’s a platform of expressions, news and tit-bits of information. Lush cosmetics don’t only have a brand twitter but also a campaign twitter account which interacts with charities, individuals and groups across the globe. So is The Body Shop missing a trick here?

If we look at the Body Shop UK twitter account, you can see information about it’s store and products rather than the events, campaigns and support networks. Social media has two distinct roles the first allowing companies to interact with it’s consumers, and the second, to encourage interaction between it’s consumers (Mangold & Faulds 2009). Applied to these two companies I would interpret that Lush is more successful with the second role than The Body Shop is. It’s more apparent when looking at the retweets, shares and posts on each page.

Although The Body Shop Foundation also have a twitter page, are consumers aware of the foundation as they are of the brand? The prominence of the stores on high streets promote products via ethical means but unless you are actively involved in the process of searching for ethical products and have done the research behind it, I would assume you aren’t aware of The Body Shop Foundation as a separate entity- I certainly wasn’t.

Therefore, couldn’t I suggest that The Body Shop introduces a campaign/event orientated social media presence by linking the foundations page to the main brand page which could address the D&AD brief?

Mangold, W. & Faulds, D. (2009) Social Media: The new hybrid element of the promotional mix. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 10th February 2014].

International Campaigns from The Body Shop

The Body Shop are renowned for introducing ethical campaigns across the globe which I have put together into timelines, these timelines reflect the published editions on the company’s website but in an easier to view in one go format. (i.e slightly more boring and less interactive way).

Our group can then use the documents to look for patterns or gaps in the campaign history so we can then start producing ideas to move the brand forward and create a new social media campaign!

The following links will take you to PDF’s created by me!:

Timeline of Campaigns: Australia

Timeline of Campaigns: UK

More links will follow.


The Body Shop (2014) Our Campaigns. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 3rd February 2014]

The Body Shop (2014) Campaigns. [Online] Available from: [Accessed 3rd February 2014]

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Body Shop Products for D&AD Brief task 1

The D&AD brief this year gave numerous options for graphics, arts and advertising students. Myself, Sarah and Lauren choose the Body Shop as it seemed most do-able for us. The brief for this company is linked below:

DaAD Brief

I have taken information off the body shop website for an overview of each of the four products that our group need to produce A2 posters for. Click the link below to view the information

The Body Shop: Poster Products

Sourced from: The Body Shop (2014) [Online] Available from: [Accessed 1st February 2014]