Social Media Campaign Poster – Final

This was the final design for the social media campaign which was submitted to the D&AD brief:


Although bipolar disorder is usually associated with mood swings from one end of a spectrum to another, I believe that this poster could be stronger and could support a difference in variance ie. not just sad and happy. The poster feels fairly basic and I feel that it doesn’t represent such a diverse range of mental health issues. The idea presented in the post ‘Social Media Campaign Ideas’, I felt was stronger as it showed a wider representation, although not necessarily being quite as straightforward as the idea submitted. However, collectively the group decided to run with the idea of the ‘split’ face as it was a clearer message and on the basis that everyone can feel like this.

Driving People into Store

We had a number of ideas to drive people into store. The two shortlisted ideas were:
1. Promoting make-overs in store to have your make-up done for a night out on the town, customers can then share ‘selfies’ of themselves on twitter with the hash tag #thebodyshop
2. Promote in store make-overs by using super-hero props, such as a wonder woman head band and cape, and then upload ‘selfies’ to the Body Shop’s twitter page with the hash tag #savetheworld. The uploaded images will then appear on digital billboards in the shopping centres local to the store.

This is our final written up version of idea 2. which we felt fitted the brief and also the posters we were producing for the four products:

Driving people in store

Posters – Final Submission

These are the final submissions for the posters which we produced:





Each of these posters takes the theme of ‘Save the World with the Body Shop’ and brings in the social campaigns which the body shop have been involved in, such as saving the rain-forests. In addition, the posters should appeal to the broad target audience range of 18-35 year olds specified by the brief. Although the idea is significantly featuring American super-hero ideas which goes against the British origin of the brand, we felt that the icon-ism of these super-hero is a international reference and promotes the relationship of saving the world effectively.

Social Media Campaign Ideas

After much deliberation, our group decided to go with mental health as a social media campaign. If you look at the Body Shop Foundation, as well as the timeline of Campaigns on the Body Shop’s website the idea of Mental Health has not yet been truly touched upon in the UK.

These are some of the ideas I had contributed for the campaign’s posters:

Mental Health 1

Mental Health 1a

Mental Health 1b

Team meeting

We met today to discuss and present our ideas. A further team brain storm came up with the ideas of ‘Save the world with the body shop’, ‘A Force of Beauty’, ‘It’s our world’, ‘Recover our world’, ‘Support our world’, ‘the power of you’, ‘Value every body, every mind’ and ‘Care, Compassion, Consider’. Although some the ideas presented on this blog were considered, we discovered that we had all come up with slogans and ideas involving the word ‘save’ in some variation for at least one of the products. This is a key theme across the Body Shop’s history so this was a theme we opted to continue. In addition, some of the slogans I had presented were toned cheekily and the group collectively thought that some of the wordings may cause slight offense, or that some of the ideas would take more thought processing and wouldn’t necessarily be understood within an instant.

Our ideas for the four products we wanted to take the idea of ‘Save the world with the Body Shop’. Lauren had produced mock up’s using super-hero costumes and we had also talked about the driving people into store campaign (discussed further in the post ‘Driving People into Store’) using super-hero props so it seemed to all fit in as a whole campaign. A following post will show the final poster ideas we will submit to the D&AD brief.

The social media campaign, it was decided, would go along with the ideas of mental health as we all felt this was a strong idea. Mental health has had increasing attention in the UK and it was felt by the group members that it would be something the body shop had not focused on before. Ideas for the mental health post will be shown in the next post.

With this meeting over and decisions made, we are now concentrating on producing the final products to meet the D&AD brief.

Poster Ideas – Colour Crush Lipstick

The colour crush lipsticks are described by the body shop as a “pop of colour”, “rose-scented” and “helps 1,750 women to earn fair income in Namibia”.

I brain-stormed several slogans for ideas for the poster designs which were:
1. Oh. Your lips are roses.
2. Forget rosy cheeks.
3. Give independence with only your lips.
4. Use your lips, not your voice.
5. Speak out with your lips.
6. POP; Protect other people.
7. Pout for independence.
8. A kiss to independence.
9. A kiss for independence.
10. We love to POP; protect other people.
11. Stamp your mark. (This idea would invite customers to test a lipstick and ‘sign’ a petition with a lipstick mark ie. kiss a bit of paper.)
12. POP, Pout, Perfume.
13. Pop, Pout, Protect; we help 1750 women earn a fair wage.
14. (No slogan) a poster with 1,750 lipstick kisses representing the women earning fair income. with a rose petal logo design.

Poster Designs – Drops of Youth

For the Drops of Youth product I have come up with the following drafts for adverts (please note that images are subjected to copyrights and have only been used for illustrative purposes):

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 1

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 2

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 2a

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 3

Drops of Youth Advert Idea 4

These adverts have been generated from a series of slogans I came up with, which are as follows:
1. Look! We’ve found the fountain of youth.
2. The Fountain of Youth: not the stuff of myth.
3. Is there truth behind every myth
4. We bottled the fountain: drops of youth
5. Your face: immortalised
6. Your face but immortalised
7. Timeless, classic care
8. You as a timeless beauty
9. A drop of energy
10. Want to find the fountain of youth? don’t worry we found it for you
11. The stuff of legend
12. Straight from the fountain
13. Pre-treat yourself
14. Algae regenerates, so why can’t you?
15. Each skin is different
16. you’ll wish your waistline was as tight as your face
17. Smooth into a smile
18. Save your face, then save the world
19. Save face, save livelihoods.

The slogans 13 – 17 were generated from reading online reviews of the product. There were a few negative reviews which picked up on the fact that the product contains alcohol known as a drying agent in many cosmetic products, it was mentioned by one blogger that the serum made a good pre-treatment as the product felt taught on the skin.